10 reasons why we are Australia’s leading alarm monitoring network.

1. A1 graded electronic security system monitoring

Reliability is paramount, and our quality control procedures ensure professional operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
A1 grading means we have the highest accreditation possible in the industry, certified by the relevant authorities.

2. Extensive monitoring capability and capacity

We have the capability to monitor the majority of alarm systems installed in Australia. Our infrastructure has the capacity to accommodate rapid client growth.

3. Rapid and flexible response and service

During an alarm event, your customers need the fastest possible response time. Our team operates 24x7 to ensure your customers receive immediate and continuous support. We offer flexible response solutions tailored to your clients’ requirements. This flexibility extends to both monitoring and equipment solutions.

4. Conforms to AS/NZS 2201.2

Monitoring Excellence control rooms conform to the exacting Australian Standard AS/NZS 2201.2 and have earned A1 security certification, ensuring unparalleled reliability, security and performance.

5. Business development tools and assistance for Resellers

Unique for our industry, Monitoring Excellence will support you with business development tools and assistance.

Industry and technology updates
You will be invited to attend professional development seminars and workshops held during the year in which relevant industry experts advise on a range of topics necessary to our rapidly evolving operating environment. The gatherings, hosted by us, present an opportunity to network and exchange ideas with us.

Business advice
As a client you benefit from members-only advice from our team of professionals on how to successfully market your services, streamline your processes, manage your business online and more. Our aim is to facilitate a larger customer base and significantly increased profits for our clients.

The latest industry news
Our industry is evolving rapidly and we can keep you up to date on the latest industry news, market trends, and technological developments.

6. Equipment and services procurement discounts

Our mass purchasing power allows us to offer our clients discounted rates on the latest technology, equipment supplies and administration services at very competitive rates.

7. Complimentary software solutions and guides

Clients have access to a range of web-based downloads covering templates, guides plus management and marketing tools.

8. System redundancy with control rooms on the west and east coast

All our systems have full redundancy, with hot-swap servers, back up receivers, uninterrupted power supply and emergency generators, all located on site, so that continuous 24 hour operation can be guaranteed 365 days a year. Our large control rooms in Perth and Sydney meet stringent standards, with the capacity and ability to increase as demand requires.

9. Utilising the latest technology

We commit to investing in the latest monitoring technology and can monitor signals received via conventional telephone lines, wireless 3G/4G devices, IP technology and email. We also monitor video and images sent from client premises.

10. Ongoing research and development into new products, services, equipment and technology

We have a commitment to investigating the latest security technology and industry trends to ensure that our services remain relevant in a changing technological environment.